Will you invite us to dinner?

This is our art project dedicated to bringing people back to the table.

An artist will come to your home, help you cook, share stories, and create a piece based on the experience.

Send us an invitation to dinner or submit your pieces here: goodfoodeats@gmail.com

Sadly, Good Food members can only attend dinners in Chicago and the city’s nearest suburbs. BUT you can host your own Good Food Party and send us the those lovely works of art!


Q: What is this?

A: We are curating an art project dedicated to bringing people back to the table–> We Eat

Q: How does this work?

This can work two ways.

1. If you are based in Chicago: You invite us to dinner by emailing: goodfoodeats@gmail.com and dates and times will be negotiated. An artist will join you for dinner and create something based on the excursion.


2. You host your own dinner party and send us a piece inspired by the meal. This can be songs, short stories, poems, photos, a short film, drawings, paintings–whatever expression is best suited to you as an artist.

Q: Do I have to be a trained chef, writer, or photographer/artist?

A: NO! We are looking for a creative expression inspired by this meal.

Q: Will my work be shown online?

A: Yes.

Q: What should I make for dinner?

A: This is entirely up to you. Whether it’s 5 courses or 1, we are happy that you are a part of our project. We do ask that you include at least one local ingredient.