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If you eat food, you must watch this film.

The actions of certain individuals operating behind the guise of corporations (that absolve all individual responsibility) could easily go down as crimes against humanity based solely on the facts presented in this feat of muckraking journalism. Not only does this film go into the potential risks of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) as they enter the food system, but it highlights the egregious level of corruption, concealment, and lobbying of┬áthe government that Monsanto heedlessly enacted in order to move legislation quickly. Despite the claims of esteemed scientists and researchers, instead of listening to these individuals who staked their careers on such dissension, they were stripped of their credibility, jobs, and told they picked the wrong fight. Sounds too ludicrous to be true? Find out for yourself what the dangers of patenting life can be for a company responsible for 70% of the foods in grocery stores today.

A free version (in decent quality) is available at this link.

Please watch, share, and shop from your local farmers!