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Baked Mac & Cheese w/ Veggies + Archie Bell & The Drells

1937. A Memphis grocer and innovator named Clarence Saunders introduces a revolutionary new concept in shopping for food. This marks history’s first automatic grocery store.

Yes, a system of codes and ticker tape meant that the you didn’t have to schlep around your own groceries.

You viewed your items through windows and inserted tape for coding.

Out spits your final code and your order is processed, as you wait in a lovely holding room.

I laughed to myself, thinking about a system like this in Chicago. Just last week at the Strack, the woman behind me had smoke coming out of her ears because I used a coupon for Athenos yogurt.

Nice try Clarence.

What a Keedoozle.

Name: Jonathan Wayne Nobles; Last meal: Eucharist, Sacrament; Sentence: Death by lethal injection; Executed: October 7, 1998, 6:18pm; State: Texas

Of Kombouris’s The Last Meals Project, the artist writes, “The series visually documents the face and last meal of convicted killers. I created this project to explore the interesting and unique relationship humans have with food and used the last meal as a metaphor to raise questions about the death penalty.”

Name: Daniel Harold Rolling; Last meal: Lobster tail, shrimp, strawberry cheese cake; Sentence: Death by lethal injection; Executed: October 25, 2006, 6:15pm; State: Florida

Jonathon Kambouris was born in 1982 and raised outside Detroit, Michigan. He moved to New York in 2001 to study photography at Parsons The New School for Design. Since then he’s been shooting many editorial and commercial assignments, while keeping a strong emphasis on personal work.

Name: Reginald Lenard Reeves; Last meal: Four Pieces of fried chicken and two cokes; Sentence: Death by lethal injection; Executed: May 9, 2002, 6:22pm; State: Texas

Name: Gary Leon Brown; Last meal: Ice cream sandwich; Sentence: Death by lethal injection; Executed: April 24, 2003; State: Alabama

Ok, so let me ask you this question again. “What would you have for your last meal?”

Food porn for the sophisticated. A sight to behold. We are totally crushing on the The Diner Journal.